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*Coffee Body Scrubs!*

Why should your mouth have all the wake-up fun? Get your wings flappin' with our Caffeine Charged Coffee Scrubs -- served any way you like it... Naked, with Cream, or Cream + Sugar.

Put a song in your heart, a smile on your face, and say SEE YA' to cellulite with our caffeinated coffee creations! These scrubs reduce the appearance of cellulite, thanks to our Premium, Freshly Ground Organic Coffee Beans loaded with hail-damage diminishing caffeine! You're probably saying, "No clucking way!" And we're saying, "Yes clucking way!" You will feel like a Free Bird all year long, knowing your cellulite is in check. 

Looking for a decaf day starter? Look no further! Your peepers will be wide open after just one beak-blasting breath of our Salted Coconut + Orange Body Scrub! Not to mention, our other bold botanical scents will have you flappin' your wings and tweetin' for more.

Your skin will glow, thanks to our Ultra-Fine Grain Body Scrubs, drenched in generous layers of Body-Quenching Oils, while our silky, quick-absorb, moisturizing body sprays leave your skin hydrated, smelling delicious, and chirping for more. 

Always hand-mixed and poured with only the finest ingredients and essential oils, these peeper-poppers deliver one peck of a sensory pick-me-up. 

Our refreshing body scrubs and sprays are like a double-shot of wakeful happiness! 

TWEET ON THE STREET: you can use Naked Chick Body Scrubs to:
1. Help reduce ingrown hairs.
2. Eliminate need for a shave gel (when shaving immediately after using the scrub).
3. Increase effectiveness and longevity of your spray tan. (Use for two days prior to sunless tanning to moisturize and exfoliate skin. On the day of your sunless tan, only use regular body wash!)

Naked Chick Organics' products do not attempt to diagnose, treat, nor cure illness or disease. When in doubt, please ask your doctor or healthcare professional prior to using.