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frosty chick


This chill little chick just hatched with all Your Favorite Warm and Spicy Fall/Winter Skin Care Deliciousness!

Mild Exfoliation and Intense Hydration. What more does a chick need in the winter? Our *NEW* creamy, intensely-moisturizing WHIPPED SCRUBS feature a blend of light exfoliants, we developed specifically for sensitive winter skin, that gently polish your bod, while surrounding you in scents of the season!

These thick, whipped scrubs are hand-mixed with our FIVE BOTANICAL OIL BLEND, each herb/root is known for helping heal and soothe troubled skin.

Once you try these decadent and mild scrubs, in warm and tingly scents, you will be Whipped!  

Our *NEW* Body Oils are BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! These LIGHT,  HYDRATING, QUICK-ABSORB oils are swirled with premium skin-quenching oils to moisturize and protect your skin from the harsh elements.

Our *NEW* Body Oils are made with a blend of 100% Quick-Absorb Base and Essential Oils. NO HYDROSOLS (floral waters) ARE EVER USED, so you get pure, undiluted skin repairing satisfaction without water-based fillers! Hydrosols (floral waters) are great for some uses, like facial sprays, but your bod deserves to be drenched in 100% skin restoring and hydrating oils -- not water. No water is used in our body oils -- ever.

Made with only 100% Certified Organic and Vegan Sugars, Butters, Base Oils
(no hydrosols), Essential Oils, Food-Grade Organic Flavorings, and Premium-Grade Salts, our Whipped Scrubs and Body Oils will keep all your chick parts Soft, Smooth, Hydrated, Protected, and Smelling Clucking FABULOUS after just one use!

So, get this season off to a fantastic clucking start! Fly around our Frosty Chick Collection, pick up some seasonally-inspired thick and dreamy whipped body scrubs, a few light and hydrating body butters, and some quick-absorb oils for yourself and your favorite chicks.  Frosty Chick will have you and your birds chirping for more, no clucking doubt about it! 

Naked Chick Organics' products do not attempt to diagnose, treat, nor cure illness or disease. When in doubt, please ask your doctor or healthcare professional prior to using.