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baby chick

The chick that started it all! Our baby chick products are made with the finest base oils and essential oils in the world. We hunted, pecked, and found only the purest ingredients to make our Exclusive Essential Oil Aromatherapy Combinations, specifically formulated to help calm and soothe baby. And what mama bird doesn't want that?! ​

Our baby body oils go on light as a feather and then absorb quickly, leaving your baby's skin hydrated and smelling clean. Perfect for dry cheeks (face and tooty), after sun exposure, and are excellent to use after bath as a full-body rubdown to enhance bonding and cuddle time before bed.

​*All baby oils are cloth diaper safe.*

TWEET ON THE STREET: use a few drops of Naked Chick Baby Oil to moisturize sun ravaged hair. Made with hydrating base oils, your summer hair will look smooth, shiny, and gorgeous without chemicals or added weight!

Naked Chick Organics' products do not attempt to diagnose, treat, nor cure illness or disease. When in doubt, please ask your doctor or healthcare professional prior to using.